Résumé Check List

A résumé is more than a neatly formatted summary of your job history. In all actuality, it should be treated as a marketing document and must be considered seriously if you wish to land the interview for your dream job. If you browse internet, you will come across many eye catching and attractive templates that may come complete with simple steps to develop a report style resume. Less mentioned are those critical items that résumés should have to get immediate noticed from a hiring manager. The following list contains a few items that you should consider when crafting your own résumé.

Tip #1: Hit Your Target
For your résumé, be sure to create a compelling piece of work that amplifies the kind of position you seek. For instance, if you are a sales executive, you not only want to show off your skills in sales when it comes to developing territory and generating of sales; but customer service, staff and client management and public relations are skills to emphasize as well. Sales marketing has many secondary skills and you want to be sure to convey yourself as a multidimensional candidate for the position. No matter what your target job or industry is, make sure that your abilities jump off the page and convey that you will be the greatest asset to the company.

Tip #2: Add a Qualifications Summary
Unfortunately not many job seekers properly add a qualification summary (or profile) to demonstrate their capabilities. Rather, some candidates will present a personal career objective or a statement that tells an employer what they are looking for to benefit them, the candidate. A qualifications summary statement appears just under a résumé heading and can be as little as three or four lines to instead explain how a candidate can benefit the employer. It can serve as an overview of strengths, accomplishments, and achievements. The key is showing the employer what you can do for the employer, rather than what the employer can do for you.

Tip #3: Use Keyword Rich Language
Organize your key words properly because this will serve a very important purpose. Today, most businesses use keyword scanners, or Automated Tracking Systems (ATS), to select résumés with the candidate keywords they are looking for. To ensure that your résumé is captured in such a system, be sure to include the appropriate keywords for your industry or position throughout your document. For instance, if the core competencies for the job you are tying for include strong communication skills and the ability to multitask, ensure that these keywords are listed at least two times in your résumé. Following this practice will increase the chances of your résumé making the cut in an ATS system.

Finally, remember that when you are crafting your resume, use words and phrases to make your document shine and you will have a greater chance in landing the job.These are just a few tips that you can follow to boost the impact of your resume and increase the probability of getting the call for the interview.

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