Finding a Job in Today’s Market

We all know of someone who is currently out of a job and quite possibly, that someone may be you. Or perhaps you are employed and trying to move into a more challenging position or one that is better suited your skills. No matter the reason for your search, finding a job in today’s market can be extremely difficult. It is easy to blame the ailing economy, but perhaps the highest blame should go to your methods in locating opportunities. Today’s job market is tough so you have to find the most fruitful way to secure the job you deserve.

In the past, finding a job was as easy as sending out resumes and corresponding though emails. There was even the occasional telephone interview. However, today the process has changed drastically. In order to be successful in your job search you have to be willing to think outside the box, go beyond, and get creative. With one job for every 100 applicants, employers will use the smallest thing to exclude potential candidates in order to narrow down the field. Those who survive are usually the ones who go through different and multiple channels to secure a position. Common methods can include:

  • Networking
  • Recruiters/Head Hunters
  • Job/Career Fairs
  • Job Boards
  • Direct mail
  • Phone calls

Today, networking is said to be the best way to find your next position. Job seekers can start with close connections to meet and work with additional potential connections. Networking within groups and associations such as churches, volunteer organizations and professional associations can produce noteworthy job leads. But even with networking, utilizing other methods simultaneously will increase your chances of finding a job quickly.

Job boards, direct mail, and phone calls are also viable options for job seekers in the current market. With these methods the key is to follow up after submitting your resume and cover letter. By following up, you show employers that you are a step above the competition and that is what employers want to see.

As one last tip on procuring a job in today’s market, in searching an online job seeking site, job seekers should not simply fill out an online application and wait for a response. Unless it is stated otherwise, obtain contact information and follow-up directly on your submission and the selection process. This could be a move in your favor because the competition is so stiff online that you must make yourself stand out. The main key to secure a job in today’s market is discovering ways to stand out above hundreds of other candidates who are competing for the same job.

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